6 Fantastic Songza Playlists


If you haven’t heard of Songza, here’s what you need to know: it puts Pandora and Spotify Radio to shame. Songza streams music online–either on their website or through their app–for free (with no ads!) through pre-made playlists based on genre, decade, moods and the time of day.

What are you doing on this Friday afternoon?

This is what I find so cool about Songza: you go to their website or app and select the time of day, which pulls up a list of activities you might be doing, when you select an activity a list of genres or decades comes up. Depending on what you select, Songza provides some playlists that might interest you. You can mix and match the times and days in case you’re having a Friday Night on Tuesday. There have also been special categories for Labor Day and Fashion Week.

Playlist suggestions for a weekday dance party to ’00s Party Hits.

I’ve been using Songza for a few months now (ever since Veronica posted about it), and I love it. You can sign in with your Facebook or create an account and keep track of your favorite playlists, follow what playlists your friends are listening to, and create your own playlists. Here are some of the playlists I’ve found that I really love:

          1. SoCal Summer
Songza Description: A sunny, nostalgia-drenched playlist packed with memorable hits from the ska-punk of Sublime and Reel Big Fish to the pop-rock of No Doubt and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Sample Tracks: New Radicals “You Get What You Give,” Social Distortion “California (Hustle and Flow)” Blink 182 “What’s My Age Again,” Save Ferris “Come On Eileen”
Why I Love It: This is the playlist that convinced me of Songza’s greatness. It was the first playlist I listened to and it was perfect. It had so many songs that I already knew, and even more that I didn’t, so I discovered some new music. That’s exactly what I’m looking for from a music streaming service like this: a perfect mix of songs I know with songs I don’t.

          2. ’00 #1 Hits
Songza Description: These songs hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in the 2000’s. Since 1958, the Hot 100 has been America’s barometer of song popularity.
Sample Tracks: Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious,” B2K “Bump Bump Bump,” Fergie “London Bridge,” Kelly Clarkson “A Moment Like This”
Why I Love It: This is a good playlist for those of us with short-term music memory loss. I found this through the ’00 One-Hit Wonders playlist and it is chock full of songs I forgot I loved and songs I missed while careening down the pop-punk path.

          3. Happy in the ‘90s
Songza Description: The ‘90s weren’t just flannel and cynicism. Enjoy these fun, positive grunge-era tunes.
Sample Tracks: Spin Doctors “Two Princes,” Foo Fighters “My Hero,” The Rembrandts “I’ll Be There For You,” Tal Bachman “She’s So High”
Why I Love It: I’m not going say everything was better in the ‘90s, but they did have some great music that wasn’t written by Kurt Cobain. When listening to this playlist, I’m able to hear the full version of songs that I know from my favorite ‘90s movies all in one place.

          4. Fall Asleep
Songza Description: The best relaxing, sleep inducing songs for passing out and getting some zzzzzz’s.
Sample Tracks: Bon Iver “Wash,” José González “Heartbeats,” Ray Lamontagne “Let It Be Me,” Great Lake Swimmers “Everything Is Moving So Fast”
Why I Love It: I’m one of those people that likes to listen to music while I fall asleep, but I don’t listen to a lot of soft music otherwise. I had made my own playlists to fall asleep to, but I just didn’t have enough music. Then I found Songza’s Fall Asleep playlist and it was perfect. Especially the Norah Jones.

          5. Pajamas to Party Dress
Songza Description: Get off the couch, jump in the shower, and throw on your best party dress—you’re not staying in tonight. This playlist will provide all the motivation you need as you get ready for a fun night on the town.
Sample Tracks: Pitbull “Give Me Everything,” Jay-Z “Otis,” M83 “Midnight City,” The Wanted “Glad You Came (Alex Guadino Remix)”
Why I Love It: This playlist gives exactly what it promises–the perfect getting ready music. There’s a mix of up-beat songs and more mellow tracks. It’s not full-on dance mania but it has songs that I can’t help shaking my booty to in the comfort of my own home while putting on some mascara.

          6. Fall Out Boys
Songza Description: Enjoy the brash irreverence of these pop-punk bands from the early 2000’s. Though the bandmembers may have been well into their 20s or even (gasp!) 30s, they understood the appeal of arrested adolescence.
Sample Tracks: MXPX “Responsibility,” The All-American Rejects “Move Along,” Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah,” The Offspring “Hit That”
Why I Love It: It took me a while to find this playlist, but it’s everything I could want from a playlist named after Fall Out Boy. It’s got all my favorite songs from when I was lying in bed doing nothing except being an angsty teenager.

Honorable mentions: Unexpected Best Night Ever, Eye of the Tiger: Confidence Mix, The Cookout: Summer Rap Hits, and At The Hop.

I know everyone isn’t going to agree about these playlists, so tell me what Songza playlists you jam to in the car or while you’re getting ready to go out!

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