Emily Owens Is Too Good For Cancellation

'Emily Owens, M.D.' airs at 9PM ET on The CW. Photo courtesy of Collider.

‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ currently airs at 9PM ET on The CW. Photo courtesy of Collider.

I recently found out that The CW cancelled Emily Owens, M.D., the rookie medical drama starring Mamie Gummer. I know, I know I’m late to the party. I’ve been watching the show since it premiered on Oct. 16—I even watched the pilot when it premiered a week earlier on The CW’s website. But apparently the show was cancelled late in November and I’ve been watching it on borrowed time, completely blissful in my ignorance. Meanwhile The CW has been airing the rest of the show’s originally ordered 13 episodes. Although I’m fairly angry with myself for being so behind on this bit of TV news (insert face-palm gif), it was much worse to find out one of my new loves has been cut down before its prime. What will happen to Emily Owens? Will she ever get together with her dream guy? Or will she finally grow up and move on?

I suppose I should learn from this experience. Next time, I should do some research on new shows before I get too attached. Then I would have found out that Emily Owens, M.D. was The CW’s lowest rated new show, and had some of the lowest ratings on the entire network. Which isn’t hard to believe since it wasn’t publicized nearly as much as other new shows like Arrow and Beauty and the Beast, the latter of which isn’t doing well either but will still finish out its full season. (I’m not bitter; why would you think I’m bitter.) So in the spirit of learning from this incident and dealing with my grief in a healthy manner, I’ve assembled a list of reasons that this show was too good for cancellation.

Mamie Gummer is the daughter of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Mamie Gummer is the daughter of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Mamie Gummer is Meryl Streep’s Daughter

I’ll admit, there are probably a lot of actors/actresses who get parts in Hollywood simply because nepotism is alive and well, but Mamie Gummer is a fantastic actress who plays the part of Emily Owens exceptionally well. Emily quickly became one of my favorite new characters when I first saw the extended trailer for the show. She was self-deprecatingly funny as well as awkward, witty and smart. The contrast between what a person thinks in their head and what actually comes out of their mouth/through body language is always interesting to watch. It’s easy to relate to Emily for these reasons and I truly don’t believe this character would be as good if she were played by any other actress. So yes, Mamie Gummer (who also has a really awesome name) is Meryl Streep’s daughter and maybe she got the part for that reason–and maybe she didn’t–but she has done wonderful things with it, and that’s why I tip my hat to her.

Emily and Cassandra begrudgingly moved past their high school rivalry. Photo courtesy of Ten.com.

Emily and Cassandra begrudgingly moved past their high school rivalry. Photo courtesy of Ten.com.

Emily Is A Great Lady Role Model

Speaking of Emily, I think she’s a fantastic lady character on television. Some might disagree with me on this, and I did really have to think about it for a moment, but I think Emily makes a good role model. Sure she’s pretty delusional in her love of a guy who doesn’t feel the same way about her (I also don’t see the appeal of Will, played by Justin Hartley) and I certainly don’t agree with every single decision she makes. But she’s a well-rounded character with flaws and that makes her a realistic person. At first, I thought her rivalry with Cassandra Kopelson (Aja Naomi King) was problematic in that it condoned girls fighting with each other over guys—and it didn’t help that a guy was the one to finally force them to “play nice”—but they aren’t simply fighting over a guy. I also like that they don’t become best friends because a man tells them to be nice to each other. They don’t have compatible personalities so they’ll never be good friends, but they’re co-workers so they respect each other. Which is a good thing for ladies to see on television.

Justin Hartley, Mamie Gummer and Kelly McCreary star in the next episode "Emily and... the Teapot." Photo courtesy of 'Emily Owens, M.D.' on Facebook.

Justin Hartley, Mamie Gummer and Kelly McCreary star in the next episode “Emily and… the Teapot.” Photo courtesy of ‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ on Facebook.

It’s just getting good!

This might be a little cliché since it seems fans always say “It’s just getting good” as an excuse to delay cancellation. But it’s true! The show has gotten to the point of their season where they’ve wrapped up the crappy plotlines that weren’t working (that whole thing where Emily caught the chief of staff cheating on his wife) and they can move on to the better storylines like Micah (Michael Rady) and his mom dealing with her cancer or the interns struggling to become doctors and adults at the same time. Those are really compelling stories that I would love to watch for multiple seasons. Plus, we’ve bonded with the characters. The most recent episode “Emily and… The Social Experiment” introduced Dr. AJ Aquino (J.R. Ramirez), a former intern at the hospital, and a whole new side to some of the characters. I was looking forward to at least a couple more months with these characters and this show.

Fans voice their opinions about the cancellation of 'Emily Owens' on Twitter. Photo courtesy of Msalazar729 on Twitter.

Fans voice their opinions about the cancellation of ‘Emily Owens’ on Twitter. Photo courtesy of Msalazar729 on Twitter.

Fans Love Emily Owens

After some research, I found that I’m not the only one who loves Emily Owens. The show has a 6.7 rating on IMDB. So I can’t be the only person disappointed by The CW’s cancellation of Emily Owens, M.D. That proved to be true once I found out some dedicated fans had founded the Resuscitate Emily Owens website, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts. They also started a petition in an effort to revive the freshman medical drama, which reached its goal of 10,000 signatures. Unfortunately, at this point, I doubt The CW execs will be swayed from their decision. The site hasn’t even been updated since early December, but the #ResuscitateEmilyOwens tag on Twitter is still updated regularly. So maybe we can bring this show back. Maybe.

The 13th and final episode of Emily Owens, M.D. is currently scheduled to air on Feb. 5 and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself afterward. Possibly cry and apply to medical school. I’ll get back to you on that. Until then: #ResuscitateEmilyOwens!

3 thoughts on “Emily Owens Is Too Good For Cancellation

  1. very well said. like you, i am sad. i am too invested in this drama already and how am i supposed to move on after february 5? i think there’s more to the characters after the 13th episode.

    emily’s done with will and micah’s around. will the ending show that emily and micah got together? i want that to happen but i want to see them together as well. the stories they would be making when they’re together. will emily be as neurotic? will she be the hopeless romantic once more? so many questions that might be left unanswered. 😦

  2. I love your thoughts, Molly!!

    I wanted to watch this show when I saw the ads regarding its premiere, but I’m used to networks repeating shows (as the CW used to do with “America’s Next Top Model) and also watching shows at my leisure at On Demand (Cox Communications). I only ever caught part of one episode on the CW, and I wanted to watch this show from the beginning. I neither saw it repeated on the CW nor at On Demand, and I was sorry because it looked so promising.

    I’m disabled and I have a lot of painful, sleepless nights. I discovered that this show (13 episodes) is available on Netflix (thanks, Netflix!!!) and I watched episode after episode, riveted to the plotlines and the fabulous cast. Mamie Gummer is very like the fabulous Meryl, but she EARNED this role due to her own talent. I’m invested. I want years of this fabulous show. I got online to find out when it would return only to find out that’s been cancelled. BOOOOOO!! SSSSSSSS!!

    SPOILER ALERTS BEGIN…I want to see the injured soldier and the wannabe surgeon returning to the hospital to report that, after corresponding during his reenlistment period, they’re happily married, expecting a baby, and living with their two dads as one big happy family. I want to know if Will gets sued for missing something on that EKG or if the deceased’s wife forgives him. I want to see Micah’s mother recover (I love her) and get a job at the hospital so that we see her often. I love Micah and want to see him with Emily (but they’re not even dating and he has already chosen Cassandra over Emily to assist him in the OR (to avoid playing favorites), which opens the door for the career-minded Emily to NOT date her boss and to fall back in love with Will. (I agree that Will looks nerdy at first glance, but look again. He’s dreamy in so many ways.) I want to see Miss Meryl Streep special guest star as Emily’s “other woman, complicated” mother.

    “My So-Called Life” was cancelled after one season. Big mistake. Because they don’t give new shows the same chance to succeed as they used to, I admit that I don’t try very hard to catch them. I get interested. I recommend. The show gets cancelled. The only sad benefit is that I can make my own endings. but I still wonder how it would’ve been. PLEASE, some network!! Bring this show back before you lose the talent that makes it so wonderful. We’ll be waiting!

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