The Lighter Side of ‘Teen Wolf’s Third Season

Who's ready for some Scallison? Photo courtesy of 'Teen Wolf' on Facebook.

Who’s ready for some Scallison? (Photo courtesy of ‘Teen Wolf’ on Facebook.)

Happy Teen Wolf Moonday everyone! After last week’s “Motel California” and the supposed death meant to occur during tonight’s “Currents,” Teen Wolf fans are having a rough time. We went into Teen Wolf thinking MTV’s supernatural drama would just be a stupid, campy teen show full of silliness. Well, I can’t speak for every fan, but I’m certainly not coping with the events of the past few episodes. “Motel California” was the darkest, scariest episode of Teen Wolf I’ve ever seen and tonight it seems we’re going to lose someone, although that fake out with Derek during “Frayed” has left me a little skeptical. But season three hasn’t been all pain, tears, and hurtful emotions–though the recent episodes delving into Isaac’s abusive past, following Stiles’ feelings of helplessness, and revealing Boyd’s childhood trauma would have you believe differently.

Still, despite the Teen Wolf advertising team living up to their promise that this season might hurt (though I think “might” is a weak word choice,) season three has had some contrastingly positive moments. Even “Currents” promises a cute scene between Scott and Allison. From Stiles’ comedic relief to Peter’s constant sass and Lydia’s candid attitude, plus all the romance in the air, season three hasn’t been entirely sorrow and pain. So, since we’re halfway through the first part of the third season–and right between two of the most distressing episodes so far–now might be a good time to stop and remember the best happy, funny, and light-hearted moments in season three.

Anyone else reminded of 'Oceans 11' in this scene? (Photo courtesy of Hypable.)

Anyone else reminded of ‘Oceans 11’ in this scene? (Photo courtesy of Hypable.)

The Bank Heist in “Chaos Rising”

When the werewolves figure out that the alphas are holding Erica and Boyd in an abandoned bank in Beacon Hills, they begin to plan a bank heist. Well, they technically aren’t planning a heist, it’s more of a rescue mission. Nevertheless, it’s entertaining to watch Stiles, Scott and Derek try to figure out a way to break into a bank. Plus, there’s the whole interaction between Derek and Stiles where Derek nearly breaks Stiles’ hand and wrist while proving he can punch through a concrete wall with his werewolf strength. I’m sure that instantly became every fans’ favorite moment of the episode; it certainly still makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Peter Hale in “Chaos Rising”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was a little disappointed that Peter, the sassiest werewolf of them all, was not in the season three premiere. However, Teen Wolf made up for his absence with one of the best entrances in the whole season at the beginning of “Chaos Rising.” Throughout the entire episode, Peter dishes out sarcastic comment after sarcastic comment no matter the situation, whether he’s trying to help Isaac recover his memory or sitting on the sidelines while Scott and Derek go on their rescue mission. My favorite line though has to be when Stiles asks where he lives:

Peter: In an underground network of caves hidden deep in the woods.
Stiles: Whoa, really?
Peter: No, you idiot, in an apartment downtown.

I don’t think Peter’s snarky comments will ever get old.

"So your, uh, your sister..." (Photo courtesy of the Teen Wolf Wikia

“So your, uh, your sister…” (Photo courtesy of the Teen Wolf Wikia

Isaac & Derek in “Fireflies”

When Scott convinces Derek and Isaac that they need some help rounding up Boyd and Derek’s estranged sister, Cora, Scott goes to talk to Chris Argent. While they talk, Derek and Isaac are waiting in the car. Isaac decides this is the perfect opportunity to try and subtly ask Derek whether Cora’s single. Well, Isaac isn’t quite so subtle as he probably hoped he was, and Derek sees right through Isaac’s questions. I’m not sure what’s funnier in this scene: Derek’s ability to communicate with Isaac through hilarious facial expressions or Isaac’s inability to keep it in his pants. Actually, I don’t think it’s possible to pick just one because both Derek and Isaac make this scene completely hysterical.

Stiles & Danny in “Unleashed”

At the end of the previous episode, Stiles figures out that the first three murder victims in Beacon Hills were virgins. So Stiles laments his virginity to Scott and begins to freak out over how he could be the next murder victim. Danny overhears their conversation when Stiles yells: “I need to have sex, like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like today. Like someone needs to sex me right now!” Danny then tells Stiles he’ll de-virginize him, but of course Danny is kidding. Stiles however doesn’t get the joke. Poor Stiles; I’m sure there are many, many fans who would volunteer.

That's one smug looking trio of teenagers. (Photo courtesy of Fanpop.)

That’s one smug-looking trio of teenagers. (Photo courtesy of Fanpop.)

The Prank War in “Unleashed”

When Ethan and Aiden, the twin alphas, lock Isaac and Allison in a supply closet, their bit of mischief could have ended badly. Instead, it sets off a bit of a prank war between the alphas and Scott, Isaac, and Allison. While Ethan and Aiden’s jokes aren’t really jokes–they’re vicious taunts–Scott and his friends pull off an especially hilarious prank. Isaac steals one of the twins’ motorcycles and drives it through the halls of Beacon Hills high school. When Scott taunts the teases the twins by pulling out some parts of the motorcycles in class, Aiden furiously runs to Isaac and demands his bike back. Isaac gets off the motorcyle, just as everyone starts filtering out into the hallway. Aiden is stuck with the blame for bringing the motorcycle into the school and is hauled away while Scott, Isaac and Allison stand by smirking. They definitely won this prank war.

Click through to see the rest of the gif set courtesy of Incomparably Me on Tumblr.

Click through to see the rest of the gif set courtesy of Incomparably Me on Tumblr.

Coach & Stiles in “Frayed”

While everyone is reeling from the knowledge that Derek is (supposedly) dead, Scott is falling victim to a wound that won’t heal. Unfortunately he, along with Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, Ethan, and Danny are stuck on a bus on the way to a cross country meet. To continue their bad luck, Coach Finstock is in a particularly bad mood and his weapon of choice is a whistle. When Stiles tries to convince the coach to pull the bus over for a bathroom break so Stiles can attend to his friend’s wounds, Coach won’t let Stiles get a word in edgewise. Although a lot is at stake during this scene, it’s still easy to appreciate how hilarious it is. Personally, I still marvel at how both actors were able to keep their composure long enough to get a single take.

Stiles & Jared in “Frayed

Although the coach is especially hilarious in “Frayed,” Stiles is even more on point with his comedy game. Throughout the episode the coach continually tells one of the kids, Jared, that’s carsick not to throw up. Stiles is a quick thinker and after the coach rebuffs Stiles’ every attempt to get the bus to pull over, he realizes he can use Jared to his advantage. So Stiles sits down next to Jared and makes the most hilarious expression–an exceptionally evil grin–I’ve ever seen. When Stiles grinned at poor Jared, I was reminded of the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I also wouldn’t describe the sound that came out of me as a laugh; it was more a cackle. Seriously, I think that expression will always make me laugh.

Photo courtesy of Heathicorn on Tumblr.

Photo courtesy of Heathicorn on Tumblr.

Scott & Stiles in “Motel California”

The scene between Scott and Stiles in the beginning of “Motel California” was actually written by Dylan O’Brien (who plays Stiles) and it’s one of the best scenes in the episode; it’s certainly the only funny scene in the otherwise traumatic episode. Though the whole interaction between the two friends is funny, my favorite part of it is when Stiles makes a Star Wars reference and Scott has to tell his friend that he’s never seen George Lucas’s space epic. I think I particularly related to this scene because I’ve also never seen Star Wars and my friends have a tendency to quote Marshall from How I Met Your Mother around me because of it. So I was glad when Heathicorn on Tumblr made a photoset mashup of these two shows. It’s good that “Motel California” had this scene because it definitely needed the moment of comic relief so that fans didn’t melt into piles of tears.

Photo courtesy of Heathicorn on Tumblr.

Photo courtesy of Heathicorn on Tumblr.

Tonight’s episode, “Currents,” might prove to be the most painful episode so far in season three–that is, if someone we care about does actually die–but we can take comfort that even this episode will have its light-hearted moments. And if not, at least there’s a Teen Wolf Revelations on MTV following the episode that might help us decompress. Maybe.

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