The Best of SDCC 2013: Casts

Behind the scenes of 'Teen Wolf's EW photo shoot. (Photo courtesy of EW on Instagram.)

Behind the scenes of ‘Teen Wolf’s EW photo shoot. (Photo courtesy of EW on Instagram.)

One of the best things about San Diego Comic-Con–aside from the announcements, the sneak peaks, and the exclusive footage–are all the interviews with actors across the board of television and movies. The interview schedule for all these actors must be fairly grueling; they move from interview to panel to interview (and maybe to another panel if they’re part of multiple projects.) But as a fan, I’m thankful to all these stars for their hard work and it’s nice to get to know a little bit more about the people behind my favorite fictional characters. As I said in my previous Comic-Con post, I didn’t attend SDCC, but I did read about and watch a lot of interviews and panels with some of my favorite casts–plus there are plenty of gif-sets circulating Tumblr.

From all that I’ve seen, I learned some new things about the performers on my favorite shows. For instance, some actors are much bigger geeks than I would have guessed–the two that come to mind are Charlie Carver (who plays Ethan on Teen Wolf) and Rob Kazinsky (Warlow on True Blood and Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim.) These two might actually be geekier than a lot of the fans walking the floor of Comic-Con. Seriously, SDCC is a great time to understand that the people behind all these fantastic characters in movies and television are people too–wonderful, beautiful people that I’m sure any fan would love to hang out with. For me, here are the actors/full casts that I fell in love with a little bit more through SDCC 2013.

If anyone has a better picture of Ryan, Chris, and Jason's shirts, let me know. (Photo courtesy of the L.A. Times.)

If anyone has a better picture of Ryan, Chris, and Jason’s shirts, let me know. (Photo courtesy of the L.A. Times.)

Veronica Mars Cast

Fans of Veronica Mars were certainly excited to see the show back at Comic-Con for the first time since 2006. It seemed the cast and crew were as excited as the fans since the three leading men wore shirts to honor each others characters. Chris Lowell (Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski) sported a “Team Logan” shirt, Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) wore a “Team Piz” shirt, and Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas) donned a “Team Dick” shirt. I don’t know about anyone else, but I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw that. All throughout the panel that cast joked and teased each other; it was easy to tell that they loved being back together and they were happy to have one last hurrah at SDCC before filming wrapped on July 23.

Veronica Roth with the cast of her book-turned-film, 'Divergent.' (Photo courtesy of The L.A. Times.)

Veronica Roth with the cast of her book-turned-film, ‘Divergent.’ (Photo courtesy of The L.A. Times.)

Divergent Cast

Before Comic-Con I didn’t really know much about most of the Divergent cast. Sure I’d heard of Shailene Woodley from The Secret Life of the American Teenager and I’m familiar with Maggie Q since I watch Nikita, but on the whole I’d never watched interviews with most of these people. The main cast and crew was split into two groups for most interviews: Veronica Roth, Neil Burger, Shailene Woodley, and Theo James — Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Ansel Elgort, and Ben Lamb. During the first group’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter Theo made fun of Shailene for wanting to grow tobacco to trade with during a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile when the second group was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Maggie teased Ansel and Ben for their poor basketball skills. The great thing about the Divergent cast is that no matter what combination or grouping they’re put into, they always seem to have fun and joke around. Any fan can tell that it must have been a great set to work on.

Loki will return to the big screen in November when he appears in 'Thor: the Dark World.'

Loki will return to the big screen in November when he appears in ‘Thor: the Dark World.’ (Phot courtesy of The L.A. Times.)

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

When Marvel’s The Avengers premiered last summer–or maybe when Thor was released in the spring of 2011–the world fell in love with Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. Between his “Loki’d with Tom Hiddleston” video, his summary of Thor 2 with action figures, and his constant referencing to the character, it’s clear that Tom loves Loki just as much as the fans. So to me it wasn’t that much of a surprise when Tom donned the full Loki costume, from the hair right down to the cloak, in order to surprise the attendants of the Marvel panel with a guest appearance. Chute named Loki the ruler of Comic-Con since 803 photos were posted to Twitter under his hashtag, although Tom was right on Loki’s coattails (or cloak-tails) with 636 photos. It seems it’s becoming a tradition for an actor to dress up as the super-character they play. (Remember when Andrew Garfield wore a Spiderman costume to SDCC 2011?) I hope it’s something that continues because it will never get old. Check out the video of Loki addressing the Marvel audience below.

Zachary Levi and his not-so-mysterious guests on the Nerd HQ stage. (Photo courtesy of Rob Kazinsky on Twitter.)

Zachary Levi and his not-so-mysterious guests on the Nerd HQ stage. (Photo courtesy of Rob Kazinsky on Twitter.)

Nerd HQ Mystery Panel

Zachary Levi hosts the Nerd HQ panels every year at SDCC and he has one panel made up of mystery guests where the audience doesn’t know who will be joining Zach on stage. This year he was joined by Rob Kazinsky, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk. (Browncoats rejoice!) Throughout the whole panel, the gentlemen took questions from fans and handed out signed swag (from Alan’s “bag of shit.”) The first fan to ask a question mentioned that she had lost her wallet and all her money; the concerned group of actors ended up signing a jacket for her and Nathan stuck a bunch of cash in the pocket for her because he is incredibly nice. Aside from their obvious kind heartedness, some other great moments from the panel were when Rob geeked out over being on stage with two veterans of Firefly, and when Alan put on a pair of green screen gloves and was unable to uncap his marker. If you didn’t love these actors before the panel–and even if you did–it’s impossible not to love them more afterward.

No but actually, where is Tatiana Maslany's Emmy nom? (Photo courtesy of TV Line.)

No but actually, where is Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy nom? (Photo courtesy of TV Line.)

Orphan Black Cast

When I first spotted a picture of the Orphan Black cast at SDCC, I was surprised to only see three people in the photo; then I remembered that the majority of the characters are played by the same phenomenal actress, Tatiana Maslany. Along with Jordan Gavaris (Felix Dawkins) and Dylan Bruce (Paul Dierden,) she attended Comic-Con to a newfound fan base–myself included. While watching their panel–their very first panel ever–in Nerd HQ, I could not stop laughing. You can certainly tell that they were as excited to be there as the fans were, although Jordan less so when Dylan forced him to sing some Taylor Swift (around 58:14.) Aside from their obviously tight-knit, adorable friendships with each other (which include making movie references to Jaws and Step Brothers,) they’re also exceptionally intelligent. When asked about feedback from fans, and especially the LGBTQ community, Jordan gives an eloquent response–check out the video below to watch it. I’m certainly happy Orphan Black was renewed for a second season and I hope the cast will return to SDCC next year.

The whole main 'Teen Wolf' cast at SDCC 2013. (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.)

The whole main ‘Teen Wolf’ cast at SDCC 2013. (Photo courtesy of EW.)

Teen Wolf Cast

Oh we’re talking about MTV’s Teen Wolf on The Rock-It Show again? What a surprise. (Not.) But in all seriousness, the cast is one of the reasons I adore Teen Wolf as much as I do. From the interviews, their panel, the pictures the cast members posted to Twitter and Instagram, or the Vines of them enjoying the convention, it seemed like all the Teen Wolf actors were having an amazing time at SDCC. They also seem to be as obsessively in love with each other as the fans are–which is completely contagious. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be friends with these people? Charlie Carver admitted his love of Legend of Korra, Tyler Hoechlin confessed that he wants his character Derek to become a direwolf from Game of Thrones, Holland Roden wants a crossover between Teen Wolf and Breaking Bad because she loves the AMC show so much. Not to mention how goofy they are: in separate interviews, Daniel Sharman’s phone went off and he broke a set piece; Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey called each other D Balls and T Pose; and Crystal Reed named her fictional spin off series, Alli A. Saves The Day (which I’d totally watch.) Their panel alone was full of hilarity, but I will watch any interview with this cast because they are endlessly adorable and entertaining.

So these are the casts that I fell in love with even more during Comic-Con this year and would love to hang out with at some point in my life. Maybe I’ll at least be able to see them in person when Comic-Con comes around to my neck of the woods (New York City) in October.

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