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Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 1.44.12 PMI will be the first to admit that my love of television is just bordering on unhealthy–I am one series shy of tracking 40 shows on SideReel–and one of my favorite aspects of watching television is talking about my favorite series, specifically on Twitter. I love to live-tweet my favorite TV shows (especially Teen Wolf,) but the great thing about Twitter is that it’s not a one-sided experience. TV shows use their social media accounts to interact with fans and discuss each episode of the series. However, I have recently found that the writer’s room Twitter accounts for TV series are even more fun to follow than a show’s official Twitter.

Photo via Shaddicted on Tumblr.

Photo via Shaddicted on Tumblr.

I first heard about writer’s room Twitters through Tumblr during TV premiere season when the staff of Sleepy Hollow and Elementary got into a bit of a tiff–which was hilarious to watch as a fan of both series. (Seriously, how could you not love these two?) I started following both the accounts and then I began looking for writer’s room accounts linked to some of my other favorite series. Unfortunately, not every show has a Twitter for their writers and not every writer’s room account is as fantastic as others. I’m not sure who actually runs the Twitters–my guess is that it falls to a social media person rather than the actual writers–but they often interact with the writers’ personal accounts. No matter who runs these Twitter accounts, if you’re a fan of these shows, they’re definitely worth following.

Orange Writers Room @OrangeWriters

Since Orange is the New Black is in their off season, the writer’s room Twitter isn’t very active. Part of that is because they’re still working on the second season of the Netflix series, but when the Twitter is active, they regularly answer questions about the show under the hashtag #AskOrange. They also post pictures from inside the writer’s room during pitch meetings and of props that have been delivered. The Orange Writer’s Room is a great account to follow because they have a great sense of humor.

SVU Writers Room @SVUWritersRoom

Who doesn’t love Law and Order: SVU? (Weirdos, that’s who.) The SVU Writer’s Room Twitter is a mix of behind the scenes photos, retweets from cast and crew of the TV show, and live-tweets. The SVU account is one of the few that closely resembles a regular TV show Twitter, but they post a lot more behind the scenes photos that give the fans a look at not just what the cast does on the show, but the writers, the stunt coordinators, and all those other positions I don’t even know the titles of as well.

Nashville Writers @NashvilleWrites

The Nashville Writers Twitter is a fantastic account to follow for fun live-tweets. Nashville Writers live-tweet every episode of the show with writers of the series, fans, as well as the cast members. They have a great voice on Twitter that’s funny, relatable, and sounds like they’re as much fans of the show as we are. The account retweets a lot, which is its only downfall. But they make up for it with an Instagram account that posts many behind the scenes photos.

Reign Writers @reignwriters

I’m not sure who runs the account for Reign Writers but I want to be their friend. Although Reign is a new show–it’s only on its 7th episode–it’s already one of my favorites. The person who runs Reign Writers definitely loves the show as much as its fans. The account posts teasing photos of the white board in the writer’s room as well as parts of the official script that didn’t make it into the episodes. Besides, I’m bound to fall in love with any account that makes puns during hilarious live-tweets.

TTP Writers @TTPwriters

Another writer’s room account that closely resembles a fan account is TTP Writers for The CW’s The Tomorrow People. This account also retweets a lot (I’m sorry, I’m not just a fan of the retweets!) but that means they’re fantastic at interacting with fans of the show–they know what fans want to see. Besides, TTP Writers interacts with the writer’s room of fellow CW Wednesday show, Arrow, and it’s hilarious to watch. TTP Writers also know their way around a pun: always a plus.

Arrow Writer’s Room @ARROWwriters

Although Arrow Writer’s Room tends to live-tweet by retweeting other people’s live-tweets, they’re really great at interacting with other series and celebs on Twitter. Recently, they retweeted Orlando Jones, who is apparently a part of the Arrow fandom. The Arrow Writers also have an Instagram account that should appeal to the comic book fans of the show. Plus they post behind the scenes photos of the writers.

Sleepy Hollow Writers @sleepywriters

Aside from the Twitter fights that Sleepy Hollow Writers gets into with Elementary Writers, the account is worth a follow for its live-tweets alone. They post non-spoiler tweets like simply “RUE!” when actress Amandla Stenberg made her debut on Sleepy Hollow. They retweet funny posts from the writers of the show–Jesse Spears and Jose Molina–as well as give fans a glance into the kitchen of the writer’s room. Plus, they post cool fun facts from behind the scenes during their live-tweets.

Elementary Writers @ELEMENTARYStaff

The last and final writer’s room you should follow on Twitter is Elementary Writers because they are actually the best (no offense to everyone else on this list) because they have fantastic live-tweets, post behind the scenes photos, and give hilarious insights into the life of an Elementary writer. Plus they post about the two best characters on the show. Nope, I’m not talking about Sherlock and Joan–I mean Clyde and Alfredo. Elementary Writers even follows the Clyde the Turtle fan account (Clyde is technically a tortoise.) The Elementary Writers Twitter account is a treasure trove for fans of the show.

Seriously, I will follow any writer’s room account that posts puns and/or pictures of animals–especially tortoises named Bonnie and Clyde–dressed up in costume.

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