10 Best Songs from ‘Nashville’ Season Two

Photo via CountryMusicRocks.net

Photo via CountryMusicRocks.net

On Dec. 10 ABC’s Nashville and Big Machine Records released the first soundtrack from the show’s second season: The Music of Nashville: Season 2, Volume 1. The season two soundtrack didn’t do as well on the charts–only reaching number four on Billboard’s US Soundtracks–but that might be a result of the show’s diminished focus on music. In season two Nashville has become less concerned with cramming 4-7 songs into a single episode and has paid more attention to the plotlines of the series, which I’m totally okay with.

Photo via EW

Photo via EW

Midway through the first season of ABC’s Nashville, I counted down my top five favorite songs so far in the season. Now that we’re more than halfway through the second season of Nashville, I figured it’s time to take a look back at some of the music from the show. Despite recording and releasing fewer tracks in the second season, I’ve found that I like the music on Nashville just as much–maybe even more.

Photo via Wet Paint

Photo via Wet Paint

As far as trends within my favorite songs, I’ve noticed I really enjoy the younger artists from the show like Will Lexington and Scarlett O’Connor rather than Rayna James–who isn’t on here at all, sorry Rayna fans! The music this season has also been spread out amongst the artists rather than having Rayna and Juliette Barnes sing all the songs. I’ve been disappointed by the lack of duets between Scarlett and Gunnar Scott–though that’s to be expected after they broke up last season. However, I’m excited to see more from Scarlett as she begins working with Liam McGuinnis (Michiel Huisman) on her first album. I’d also like to see more from Scarlett’s on-again, off-again best friend Zoey Dalton, who has had one single this season and a duet with Gunnar. Perhaps in the coming episodes we’ll get even more great music, but for now, these are my ten favorite songs of season two.

“Why Can’t I Say Goodnight”

Written by: Angelo Petraglia and Kim Richey
Performed by: Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar Scott (Sam Palladio)
First Appeared in: “Fall To Pieces”

Although season two hasn’t had as many duets between Scarlett and Gunnar as the first, there are a few. My favorite of these duets is “Why Can’t I Say Goodnight,” which sounds exactly as fantastic as the duo did for most of the first season. Their voices compliment each other well in order to have a softer, sweeter sound.

“Adios Old Friend”

Written by: Brett Eldredge and Kim Tribble
Performed by: Gunnar Scott
First Appeared in: “Never No More”

After Gunnar’s country/rock ‘n roll misdirection toward the end of season one, he found his true voice again at the beginning of the second season. He demonstrates his solo talent in “Adios Old Friend,” a song he wrote for his brother. It’s bittersweet and perfectly fits in that cool gray area between folk and country.

“Gonna Get Even”

Written by: Al Anderson, Pat McLaughlin, and Kacey Musgraves
Performed by: Layla Grant (Aubrey Peeples)
First Appeared in: “Never No More”

Don’t get me wrong, I seriously can’t stand Layla as a character–she’s provided some great drama, even though she’s also been a jerk to some of my favorite characters–but her song, “Gonna Get Even” is seriously catchy. Layla has been described as a young Juliette Barnes, but she’s definitely more oriented to a younger pop crowd than Juliette. It’s the kind of song I could see a lot of people listening to as they drive around in their cars.

“What If I Was Willing”

Written by: Brian Davis, Randy Montana, and Billy Montana
Performed by: Will Lexington (Chris Carmack)
First Appeared in: “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now”

In the show, “What If I Was Willing” is a song written by Gunnar that Will Lexington steals and performs in front of Edgehill label executives. Personally I preferred Gunnar’s version, but Nashville only released Will’s rendition. However, it’s still a catchy country song that’s fun to sing along to at the top of your lungs.

“Trouble Is”

Written by: Marv Green and Kate York
Performed by: Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettierre)
First Appeared in: “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now”

As I mentioned in the post about music from Nashville’s first season, I really enjoy Juliette’s music when it’s perfectly upbeat and catchy. What’s great about a song like “Trouble Is” is that it still sounds more mature than Juliette’s biggest hit from season one: “Telescope”–though personally I liked “Boys and Buses” even more. You can see how Juliette’s music has grown since last season.

“Wayfaring Stranger – A Capella Version”

Written by: Traditional
Performed by: Zoey Dalton (Chaley Rose)
First Appeared in: “You’re No Angel Yourself”

“Wayfaring Stranger” has been sung by legends like Burl Ives and Johnny Cash as well as contemporary artists such as Ed Sheeran and Jack White. However, Zoey’s rendition of the traditional folk song is by far my favorite. It’s tragic that Zoey hasn’t had more singing roles on the show as she has a fantastic voice.

“A Life That’s Good”

Written by: Ashley Monroe and Sarah Siskind
Performed by: Maddie Conrad (Lennon Stella) and Daphne Conrad (Maisie Stella)
First Appeared in: “You’re No Angel Yourself”

Although three different versions of this song are performed on the show, the one performed by Daphne and Maddie Conrad at their father’s wedding was released. The other two versions are sung by Deacon and Rayna, then Deacon and Maddie. All the different renditions of the track are wonderful because it’s a fantastic song.

“This Town”

Written by: Jaida Dreyer, Cory Mayo and Andrew Rollins
Performed by: Scarlett O’Connor and Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten)
First Appeared in: “Don’t Open That Door”

Although the first season had more songs, there wasn’t a single track–that I can recall–sung by Scarlett and Deacon. Even though they’re uncle and niece, they didn’t cross paths too much in the first season so it’s nice to see them interacting and singing together in season two. Especially since it led to “This Town,” a wonderfully haunting duet.

“Crazy Tonight”

Written by: Chip Boyd, Jay Clementi, and Kacey Musgraves
Performed by: Scarlett O’Connor
First Appeared in: “Hanky Panky Women”

Perhaps “Crazy Tonight” isn’t the best example of Scarlett as a country music artist, and perhaps she only sang it because it would please crowds on Luke Wheeler’s tour, but it’s still a perfect mix between pop and country. Scarlett may not be a “whiskey slammin’, dirty dancin’, romancin’“ kind of girl, but some of us are.

“Don’t Put Dirt on my Grave Just Yet”

Written by: Trent Dabbs and Caitlyn Smith
Performed by: Juliette Barnes
First Appeared in: “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”

As the season has progressed, there have been fewer and fewer new songs it seems, but “Don’t Put Dirt on my Grave Just Yet” from last week’s episode is awesome. It’s a great rock/country hybrid track that is just as catchy as all of Juliette’s tunes. If we’re going to get fewer songs, I’m okay with it, as long as they’re as great as this one.

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