5 Questions About ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Season 2

Photo via 'My Mad Fat Diary' on Facebook

Photo via ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ on Facebook

One more sleep! After almost exactly a year off air–the first season finale aired Feb. 18, 2013–E4’s teen drama series My Mad Fat Diary is back tomorrow! Before I even finished the pilot of My Mad Fat Diary I was convinced it had become my new favorite show (well, it’s currently fighting with MTV’s Teen Wolf for that honor) or at least, the best new series of 2013. By the end of the year, after I had watched countless pilots and older series I had never seen, I was confident no other show surpassed My Mad Fat Diary. The show is easily relatable to anyone, the music is fantastic, and the cast is amazing. (They’re also adorable, have you seen their Instagram photos?) It’s hard not to love My Mad Fat Diary; in fact, I don’t know anyone who has seen it that hasn’t become obsessed with it.

Photo via 'My Mad Fat Diary' on Facebook

Photo via ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ on Facebook

Since the second season premieres tomorrow with the episode “Alarm,” it’s time to take a look back at the loose lends left by season one (for those who don’t have time for a complete rewatch of the series). When last we left the gang, Rae (Sharon Rooney) had come out as a total mental case to her friends at her mother’s wedding reception–she also reconciled with her best friend Chloe (Jodie Comer). Chop (Jordan Murphy) finally admitted his feelings for Izzy (Ciara Baxendale) and the two got together. Archie (Dan Cohen) almost admitted he was gay. Finn (Nico Mirallegro) told Rae how he felt about her–though there is some speculation among fans whether he said he loved her or he liked her. Additionally, Rae is back on good terms with her mum, Linda (Claire Rushbrook) and her mum’s new husband, Karim (Bamshad Abedi-Amin), as well as her therapist, Dr. Kester (Ian Hart). But Rae and the gang aren’t going to live happily ever after; in season two they must go back to school, which proves to be a bit of a struggle.

Will Archie come out as gay?

Photo via E4

Photo via E4

Although Rae already knows about Archie’s penchant for men, no one else in the gang seems to have any idea. He almost came out to the whole gang at the end of last season, but choked at the last minute. Will he finally admit his true self to his friends in season two? Or will he continue to hide and date girls as a ruse? Based on a brief clip from the season two trailer, it seems Archie will certainly keep up the ruse at school. I’m curious to see how Rae and Archie’s friendship will progress in the second season and whether Rae’s knowledge of Archie’s sexuality will affect them in any way.

My prediction: Archie might come out to his friends, but to no one else.

What will happen to Tix?

Photo via E4

Photo via E4

The first season finale left a huge cliffhanger in the form of Tix, Rae’s best friend from the hospital where she stayed prior to season one. Tix had overexerted herself and fell into a coma, which Rae blames herself for because she had promised to have dinner with Tix. At the end of the first season, it was still unclear whether Tix would be okay. In the second season I hope to see some resolution to this storyline, as well as some more character development for Tix. While Rae has struggled to acclimate to life outside the hospital, Tix was still working on gaining control of her diet and her insecurities. However there is a lot we don’t know about her, like why she doesn’t like to be touched. I hope to learn more about Tix’s background story–as well as what happens to her–in season two.

My prediction: Tix is going to pull through, but her relationship with Rae will go hit a rough patch. Perhaps she’ll grow closer to Danny Two-Hats.

Are Rae, Linda, and Karim a family now?

Photo via E4

Photo via E4

A huge struggle for Rae in season one was finding her place in the new family she found when she came home from the hospital. After three months away, Rae’s mum, Linda had fallen in love with Karim, a relationship that put a strain on Rae and Linda. At the end of the first season, Linda gave her an ultimatum–or at least what Rae viewed as an ultimatum–that she needed to decide whether she wanted to be a part of the new family. Although Rae inevitably decided she wanted to join Linda and Karim, that doesn’t mean their relationship will be smooth sailing in season two. I’m interested to see how Rae, Linda, and Karim will coexist after the wedding and honeymoon.

My prediction: Rae, Linda, and Karim grow closer, but still fight occasionally. Rae is a teenager after all.

Will Finn and Rae be able to make their relationship work?

Photo via E4 on YouTube

Photo via E4 on YouTube

Although their final meeting in season one–in which Finn told Rae how he felt about her by writing it on her back (their secret language)–was adorable, their relationship was only beginning. As everyone knows, the honeymoon period of a relationship can be wonderful, but eventually that period ends. In season two, it seems going back to school will put a huge strain on Rae and Finn’s relationship. Can Rae be a good girlfriend to Finn while also maintaining a healthy attitude about herself? Even though I want Rae and Finn to work out as much as any My Mad Fat Diary fan, I also don’t want Rae to self destruct. Hopefully she’ll be able to navigate this new relationship with little trouble–though that’s highly doubtful. (Also, this is all presuming Finn is a good boyfriend, which, let’s be honest, we don’t know for sure.)

My prediction: Rae and Finn take a break at some point in the season because Rae needs to focus on herself. But, inevitably, they’ll end up together again.

Can Rae survive college?

Photo via The Independent

Photo via The Independent

If the trailer is any indication, college is not a fun place for Rae. It seems we’ll be seeing some flashback scenes to her time in college prior to her breakdown and stay in the hospital. From what I can tell, Rae was teased and bullied mercilessly, which ultimately led to her breakdown, so it’s not hard to believe returning will be difficult for her. However, this time around Rae has her boyfriend, her gang, her best friend, Kester, her family, and her friends from hospital. Rae has a great support system, but will they be able to help her if she can’t help herself? I’m curious to see how Rae deals with going back to school and if she’ll be able to manage.

My prediction: Despite her support system, Rae will need to learn how to support herself amidst a tumultuous environment such as school.

Photo via 'My Mad Fat Diary' on Facebook

Photo via ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ on Facebook

Of course, I have other questions about season two:

  • Will Rae’s tormentors-turned-sorta-friends return?
  • How is Kester doing after his divorce and semi-breakdown last season?
  • Will the handsome Dr. Nick return?
  • Will Rae and Izzy lose their virginity as is hinted in the trailer?

But that’s just the beginning. Hopefully season two will answer some of these questions, if not all of them. We’ll have to tune in to the premiere of My Mad Fat Diary tomorrow night to find out!


7 thoughts on “5 Questions About ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Season 2

  1. Natalie

    Hi just to let you know I loved Season 1 and 2 of my mad fat dairy and was wounding if there was going to be a season 3?

      • Isah Ceesay

        Well crap that sucks. Just finished second season and I can’t wait girl the 3rd it better not be cancelled!! I think I would go crazy the show is wayyy to good. I aspire to be that good of an actress one day

  2. Leena

    I loved season 2 and 1soooo much everytime I watch an episode I feel so alive I feel like I’m with them and u guys should make a season 3 plz like I don’t know who directed my mad fat diary but ur an amazing director and should never stop doing great episodes 👍

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