Which Hero Will Die on Season 3 of ‘Teen Wolf’?

Photo via Teen Wolf Wikia

Photo via Teen Wolf Wikia

As these last few episodes of MTV’s Teen Wolf air, we will all be warily awaiting what has been previewed for the final leg of the show’s third season: a major character death. Although 3B hasn’t racked up quite the body count that 3A boasted, everyone involved with Teen Wolf has teased the death of a major player in Beacon Hills. Series creator and cruel sadist, Jeff Davis, even hinted that the main cast (who have been on Teen Wolf since the pilot) aren’t safe. If Davis is to be believed–though he ranks up there with Steven Moffat and Joss Whedon in unreliable showrunners–no one is safe, which means fans will be going into these last 3 episodes with serious trepidation. However, like many series, fans of Teen Wolf have their theories about who will die–and I’m no different. There are a few characters who I believe are more likely to be killed off than others, though what’s most important to me is that, whoever dies, their death is given due consideration so that its impact does not fall flat.

“Prepare to lose someone. We will possibly be changing our main title sequence, so not everyone’s going to make it out of this season alive.” –Jeff Davis

Photo via Teen Wolf Wikia

Photo via Teen Wolf Wikia

After the deaths of Erica (Gage Golightly) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls)  in 3A–which did not feel justified within the season nor well-executed–my biggest worry about 3B’s major character death is that it won’t feel earned. So far, the villain of 3B is easily the scariest since the nogitsune doesn’t have a motivation that we know about (many of Teen Wolf’s villains are motivated by revenge, and that has gotten old). However, even though the stakes and the tension are much higher in this half of the season, a major character death needs to be wrought with emotion. After Erica and Boyd’s deaths in 3A, the series needs to showcase that they can give their characters as much thoughtful treatment in death as in life. If Teen Wolf is going to kill off one of its heroes, I want the show to rip my heart out, stomp on it, and set in on fire. Anything less–especially after all the hype–will feel like a let down.

Stiles Stilinski
(Dylan O’Brien)

Photo via Hypable

Photo via Hypable

Reasoning: So far, the only solutions to Stiles’s nogitsune problem have been death or a bite from an alpha werewolf. Although you might think Teen Wolf would never kill off one of its trio–seriously it would be like JK Rowling killing off Ron in book five–television series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have made it more acceptable to kill off central characters.

Actual Chances: Slim to none. To be honest, the only reason Stiles was included on the list is because O’Brien has been getting more (and bigger) film roles. If there were any time for O’Brien to bow out of Teen Wolf and make the jump to full-time film actor, now would be the most opportune for himself and the show. However, O’Brien seems to have more loyalty to Teen Wolf (and his BFF Tyler Posey) than desire to make it big in cinema. Besides, arguably, Stiles is the fan-favorite character; killing him would be a serious risk.

Any of the Ladies
(Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Melissa Ponzio, and Arden Cho)

Photo via MTV

Photo via MTV

Reasoning: Statistically speaking, it’s much more likely for the female characters on Teen Wolf to be killed (and stay dead). Let’s run through a quick list: Kate Argent, Victoria Argent, Erica Reyes, Deputy Sheriff Tara Graham, Paige Krasikeva, Kali, Heather, and Jennifer Blake; meanwhile the list of male characters is much shorter: Adrian Harris, Vernon Boyd, Ennis, Matt Daehler, and Mr. Lahey. The characters the writers choose to kill off versus those that remain alive drew criticism after 3A finished airing. One of the major points of fans’ criticisms was that although Golightly, Walls, and Colton Haynes all chose to leave the show, Haynes’ character, Jackson Whittemore, was the only one not killed off. These facts have caused many fans to become slightly cynical about Teen Wolf and which characters the writers keep alive.

Actual Chances: Average. I might be more willing to overlook the criticisms of Teen Wolf than many other fans, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed those criticisms have a point. That being said, I’d like to think Davis and the rest of the writers on Teen Wolf noticed the fans’ criticisms, especially those following 3A, and were able to take them into account. However, the ladies are on the list for a reason, and there is certainly a chance one of them will die whether it’s Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Melissa McCall, or Kira Yukimura.

Aidan or Ethan
(Max Carver, Charlie Carver)

Photo via MTV

Photo via MTV

Reasoning: Although many fans have grown fond of the former-alpha twins–as well as the Carvers–they aren’t exactly fan favorites, nor have they been around since the pilot. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the writers would kill off one of the twins in order to give the other twin an emotional arc in season four. (What I’m going to refer to as “pulling a Rowling.”) To cut to the chase: the twins are the most expendable of the main and recurring cast. Despite how harsh that sounds, it might actually work to their benefit because it would almost be too obvious for either Aidan or Ethan to die.

Actual Chances: Average. Though the twins may be expendable, their deaths also wouldn’t carry the same emotional impact as that of Scott or Allison. Unless Aidan were to give his life in a show of true heroism (which is the most likely scenario) to both Scott and Lydia, it’s unlikely the writers would be able to give either of these characters a death that would be worthy of the hype built up so far. They fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum: not quite relevant to be impactful enough, but not irrelevant enough to be excluded from the list.

Isaac Lahey
(Daniel Sharman)

Photo via Hypable

Photo via Hypable

Reasoning: Everything bad happens to Isaac. From the ice bath to the child-abuse storyline, Isaac cannot catch a break. The writers have already taken Isaac off the chessboard for the past two episodes, leaving him off-camera and half-dead from stepping in the electrocuted water before Kira realized she could save the day. He might make a miraculous recovery in time to be killed off during the season’s final battle because Isaac would have that kind of bad luck.

Actual Chances: Above average. The major argument against Isaac dying is that it would be the weakest character death in the history of the show. If he were to be killed off, it would feel like a cheap shot at the kid who’s always getting bullied. Many fans of Teen Wolf have a protective love of Sharman’s character–and are still mad he’s not in the opening credits–but the show never seems to tire of causing Isaac harm. It’s gotten to the point that if Isaac were killed off, no one would be too surprised.

Derek Hale
(Tyler Hoechlin)

Photo via Hypable

Photo via Hypable

Reasoning: Although the writers have attempted to give Derek a sense of purpose this season–taking his sister back to Africa, speaking to his mother, deciding to mentor Scott–Derek hasn’t felt quite integral to the show since season two when he became a sort of rival to Scott. Over the past few episodes, it has seemed that the writers don’t know what to do with the character. Derek has tagged along with Peter Hale, Chris Argent, and Sheriff Stilinski on their plot lines. Though it might be intended as character development, it also feels like Derek is taking a back seat–he doesn’t have his own a sense of direction.

Actual Chances: Very High. Since Derek hasn’t been a major player in 3B, it seems likely that the writers would kill him off for an emotional impact. If Derek is the hero to fall, it would also explain why Davis teased a change in title credits since Hoechlin has been included in the credits since the pilot. Again, though, Derek is a fan-favorite character and it’s hard to tell whether Teen Wolf is willing to kill him off in order to raise the stakes of the show.

Of course it would be a tragedy to lose any of these characters–as well as the actors who portray them–but according to Davis himself, one will die. Let’s hope, as fans, we can somehow get through the anxiety of “De-Void,” “Insatiable,” and “The Divine Move” before we lose our minds.

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