MeIf you can’t tell from the content of this blog, I am a self-pronounced geek/nerd/lover-of-sometimes-not-well-known-or-rather-unpopular-things. When I started this blog, I had just graduated college and I wanted to keep writing on a regular basis, but I didn’t have the greatest track record with blogs. All I knew was that I like talking about television, music, books, and movies; I also have a lot of opinions, I love to argue, and I adore lists.

If you’ve ever wondered why you should watch MTV’s Teen Wolf (fully developed characters in a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously) or why Joss Whedon is the best thing to happen to Marvel (do you know how much The Avengers made at the box office?) I have fully-formed arguments stored away. So instead of talking the ears off of all my friends, family, coworkers, random people on the train, etc, I thought that starting a blog would be a good outlet for my fan-girlish nature.

When I attended Ithaca College, I majored in journalism with a minor in writing (so you can see how I went through writer’s withdrawal after graduation). I also DJed on the internet radio station, VIC Radio, which is where I got the “Molly Rock-It” nickname.

Though I try to restrain myself from straying beyond pop culture (television, books, music, and movies,) I can also talk with excessive enthusiasm about food, whiskey, scarves, flannel shirts, puppies, feminism, and anything in the news.


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