‘Percy Jackson:’ the Movies vs the Books

Photos courtesy of Puffin Books and 20th Century Fox.

Photos via Puffin Books and 20th Century Fox.

When the first Percy Jackson & The Olympians novel, The Lightning Thief, was originally published in 2005, I was still young enough to fall within the realm of a young adult, but for some reason I missed the boat on this one. Instead, my first introduction to the Percy Jackson world was through the 2010 adaptation of The Lightning Thief. But I think anyone who’s a fan of the Percy Jackson books can attest that The Lightning Thief film was absolutely horrible both as an adaptation and as a movie in general. I went into the theater with no knowledge of the Percy Jackson canon and I spent two hours mildly entertained, slightly confused, and wholly underwhelmed. So it’s possible–and entirely likely–that I subconsciously avoided the book series because the film was so awful.

Photos courtesy of Hyperion Books and 20th Century Fox.

Photos via Hyperion Books and 20th Century Fox.

However, I recently picked up The Lightning Thief novel and I loved it. I finished the book in a few days and flew through The Sea of Monsters as well. Modern day Greek mythology in a young adult novel with a cast of cool and relatable characters? Yeah, Rick Riordan’s series is right up my alley. (I may have been inspired to read the books because I wanted to watch the Sea of Monsters film for the sake of Nathan Fillion.) After finishing the two books, I rewatched The Lightning Thief, then saw Sea of Monsters. If there was one thing I noticed, it’s that the books, the first movie, and the second movie are all very different and I have a lot of opinions about each of them. So let’s discuss.

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