The 10 Best Music Moments from ‘My Mad Fat Diary’

Photo courtesy of Amazon UK.

Photo courtesy of Amazon UK.

Music plays a pretty big part in E4’s series My Mad Fat Diary, though it didn’t quite make it onto my list of Why ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ Is the Best New Show of 2013. Music got lumped in with all the other 90s aspects of the show–like clothes and slang. But after rewatching My Mad Fat Diary again (for the third time,) I realized just how instrumental the soundtrack is to the characters and plot of the show. Rae uses music as an initiation into a new group of friends, she bonds with another character in particular over music, and the soundtrack helps to set the tone of many scenes throughout the series. After finding Tumblr user Cliffpantones’s gifset of the six best music moments from season one, I thought I’d try to come up with my own list.

Have you ever seen a more 90s group of kids? Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Check out all those Oasis shirts. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Although it’s been six months since I declared MMFD would be the best show to premiere in 2013 (and we still haven’t quite gotten through fall premiere season,) I still believe the show has the best television soundtrack of the year, if not of the past five years. You can check out all 113 tracks from the show in my playlist: My Mad Fat Diary MegaPlaylist. From Oasis to Blur, The Cure to Radiohead, whoever picks the music for MMFD should win some kind of award. Not only is the music quality, each song also fits perfectly into whatever scene in which it’s featured. So, while I rewatched MMFD recently, I took note of every scene that was perfectly matched with a 90s tune and narrowed it down to 10–which was difficult–in order to celebrate the best music moments from season one.

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