6 Most Anticipated New and Returning Shows Summer 2015

Summer 2015 Television

With the regular television season over for the most part (a few series that premiered in the winter/spring are still going) it’s time for summer to begin. In the past, summer has been the season of playing catch up: binge-watching all the series that you fell behind on during the busy fall, winter, and spring, or starting and catching up on those that you completely missed.

However, in recent years, summer has also become a season for good, new television all its own. While many associate the months of June and July with barbecues, going to the beach, and laying in the sun, us TV addicts also manage to fit in plenty of quality time with our televisions and/or laptops. In honor of all the new and returning series gracing primetime (and Netflix) this summer, here are my picks for what to watch.
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