I’m Already Disappointed with the Movie Adaptation of ‘The DUFF’

DUFF: Movie Title

As an avid reader and movie-watcher, I’ve had a variety of experiences with films that were adapted from novels. Some were good, some were bad, and some were really and truly terrible. The DUFF is in a whole new ballpark.

I found the trailer for The DUFF movie in Buzzfeed’s “21 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen in 2015” list. It seemed like it would be a fun movie, so I decided to read the book. Perhaps my expectations were set incredibly low by the movie trailer, but the book surprised me by delving into serious issues like substance abuse and society’s preconceived ideas about sexuality.

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Fangirl: A Review

Photo via RainbowRowell.com.

Image via RainbowRowell.com.

If you haven’t heard of it–whether you’re on Tumblr or not–the social blogging site launched a book club. Reblog Book Club is toted as “the first-ever official Tumblr Book Club.” It launched the week of September 10th with Fangirl: the Novel by Rainbow Rowell, who is a Tumblr user herself. A book club where I can participate–both by reading the book and talking about it–from my couch? Count me in! I was pretty late to jump on the bandwagon so I just finished Fangirl this weekend, but it’s safe to say the Reblog Book Club definitely picked the perfect novel with which to launch the club.

Fangirl follows Cather and her twin sister, Wren, who start off their freshman year of college in Nebraska. The girls are very close but as they start school, they begin to grow apart in most aspects of their life: Wren chooses to room with someone other than her sister, the girls argue over whether to get in touch with their estranged mother, as well as how to participate in the college lifestyle–Wren decides to join in the party culture of the school while Cath often stays in her room. They also begin to grow apart in regards to the one thing on which they were bonded: Simon Snow. Simon is the main character in a series of books about a magical world. (A none-too-subtle nod to Harry Potter.) Simon Snow plays a huge part in Fangirl since it’s what inspires Cath to be a fangirl and a writer of fanfiction (which is also an important aspect of the story.) Despite her apprehension, Cath is sucked into college life through her roommate Reagan, and Reagan’s constant companion, Levi. Overall, Fangirl is a fantastic window into the life of a modern college girl, one who is nerdy, introverted, and relatable to many, many people.

[Fair warning: SPOILER ALERT!]

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